Heidi Hurter, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Heidi Hurter, MSN, APRN, FNP-C is a Regenerative Medicine Specialist practicing at LeHeal Biogenix in Tampa, FL. 

I started my career as a hospice nurse (LPN). I always say I started my career backwards because I saw death first. Hospice was the foundation of my nursing career. I really do think that every nurse should start their career in the hospice field because this ensures that a person has an empathetic heart to help others. To see another human being gravely vulnerable and unable to function (patient and family) will make you realize your purpose in life.      

I had a passion to contribute more so I went back to school for my BSN-RN and graduated from South University, Tampa, FL. I began to work in the fields of dialysis and maternal/fetal medicine.  I went back to school to South University to attain my MSN-APRN and graduated in 2017.  I accepted a position at a holistic/regenerative clinic and absolutely loved the refreshing dynamics of healing by finding the root cause of the issue. I learned that most issues stemmed from one of two important aspects: hormones or inflammation. 

I continued to work in the field of hormone replacement/peptides and joint injections. I have injected Natural Biologics (aka Stem Cells) and ozone in every aspect of the body to initiate repair and healing. This has brought me full circle in my career because I have seen death, and my purpose is to help people live a long healthy life while feeling good.  One important lesson in my career is that although most people can learn the clinical aspects of healthcare; it takes a special person to have a good bedside manner and kind heart.


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