Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance services offered in South Tampa; Hyde Park, Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland and Lakewood Ranch, FL

For athletes, performance, recovery and healing are of paramount importance.

Optimizing performance, reducing recovery time, and quick healing from injuries are all key components in an athlete's ability to compete and reach their goals.

Understanding the body and how to maximize performance and recovery are a large part of the athletes journey. Various techniques, from diet and nutrition, to supplementation and even stem cell therapy, can be used to help the athlete optimize their performance, speed recovery times and reduce the risk of injury.

Optimize Performance

Peptide Therapy has become a popular option for athletes as a way to optimize their performance and to aid in recovery. Peptide Therapy, by LeHeal Biogenix,  uses a combination of peptides that have specific functions in the body to improve athletic performance and speed up the recovery process. Benefits include:

  • Increase Strength

  • Improve Endurance

  • Reduce Recovery Time

  • Assist with Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

Additionally, Peptides can reduce inflammation, improve joint health and mobility, and reduce the risk of injury. Common Peptide Therapy regimens include TB- 500, CJC 1295, BPC-157. Learn more

Muscle Recovery

Class IV laser therapy has become increasingly popular among athletes. This form of therapy uses a focused beam of light to penetrate the skin, stimulating the cells to promote natural healing processes. Benefits include:

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Increase Circulation

  • Reduce Pain

Laser therapy at LeHeal Biogenix can be used to reduce swelling and speed up the healing process after an injury or excessive use. The therapy has also been shown to improve range of motion and aid in muscle recovery following intense physical activity.

Injury Prevention & Healing

Natural Biologic Therapy (Stem Cell Therapy) is often used to help athletes reduce the risk of sports injury and extend their careers. By introducing stem cells to the body, any damage to the tissue can be identified and repaired quickly and effectively. This helps to minimize the risk of injury and allows athletes to keep playing for longer.

Moreover, using Natural Biologics for injury prevention doesn't contradict any regulations, as it is not classified as an improvement enhancer. Instead, the treatment helps to keep athletes safe and healthy.

Natural Biologic Therapy has become increasing popular as means of treating injuries in athletes. The cells are capable of regenerating tissue, providing an effective solution for many sports injuries. Learn more

Supplement with LB Amino 6

Amino acid supplementation is a popular choice among athletes looking to optimize their performance and aid in recovery. Amino acids are essential building blocks for proteins and hormones.Supplementing with the right combination of amino acids can have numerous benefits for athletes including:

  • Promote Muscle Growth & Strength
  • Improve Endurance & Reduce Fatigue
  • Speed Recovery Time
  • Boost the Immune System
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Improve Focus and Concentration

Furthermore, amino acid supplementation is a safe and effective way to increase performance and reduce the risk of injury.


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