Regional Manager & Licensed Practical Nurse

Stephanie Salgado, LPN,  is an exceptional Regional Manager at LeHeal Biogenix, with nearly two decades of nursing experience and a profound dedication to patient well-being. Her journey in healthcare is deeply rooted in her passion for helping patients not only recover but also thrive in their overall health. As a mother of three, Stephanie’s nurturing instincts extend beyond her own family to every patient under her care.

With a diverse background that includes licensure as a nutritionist and a personal history as a gymnast turned bodybuilder, Stephanie possesses a unique understanding of the human body’s resilience and the importance of holistic health practices. Having experienced firsthand the demands and stresses placed on the body through her athletic pursuits, Stephanie empathizes with patients navigating their own health challenges.
Stephanie’s personal experience as a patient of LeHeal Biogenix has further solidified her belief in the power of Regenerative Medicine. As a staunch advocate for this innovative approach to healthcare, Stephanie champions the use of the body’s natural healing mechanisms to promote recovery and rejuvenation.
Outside of her nursing duties, Stephanie is actively involved in studying and coaching others on exercise and nutrition. Her expertise in these areas not only enriches her own life but also allows her to empower patients to take control of their health and well-being. Stephanie’s holistic approach to patient care extends beyond mere treatment to encompass lifestyle modifications aimed at optimizing health outcomes.
In her role as Regional Manager at LeHeal Biogenix, Stephanie brings her wealth of experience, leadership skills, and passion for patient-centered care to the forefront. She oversees the operations of multiple healthcare facilities within her region, ensuring that each one upholds the highest standards of care and efficiency. Stephanie’s leadership style is characterized by empathy, collaboration, and a commitment to fostering a positive work environment where staff feel supported and empowered to deliver exceptional care.
In summary, Stephanie’s multifaceted role as a LPN and Regional Manager reflects her unwavering dedication to patient care, holistic wellness, and innovation in healthcare delivery. Through her extensive experience, personal journey, and ongoing commitment to learning and growth, Stephanie continues to make a profound impact on the lives of her patients and colleagues alike, embodying the epitome of a compassionate and forward-thinking healthcare leader.


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